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The Plot Thickens

I learned something very interesting the other day, and it made me very frustrated with hospitals. (more so than I already was, I mean, I am a midwifes' daughter.)

I've always known pelvises were flexible, but I didn't realize that the sacrum (butt bone), when lying down, literally moves. The butt bone moves up, creating less space in what is called the "Pelvic Outlet", which is where the baby comes down, to come out. I'm sure you can see where I am going with this. What is the hospital's favorite, if not only position for when you're in labor? Laying flat on your back. Praise the Lord He made babies heads malleable, if He didn't, we would be in big trouble. I myself came out a conehead, yes I hear the stories constantly, perks of working with your Mama, and being surrounded by pregnant women. (I love it) As I continue my research I am constantly connecting dots to different things surrounding my birth and when I was a baby. This being one of them, as well as symptoms surrounding tongue and lip ties and the like. Yes yes, my head rounded out and all the other babies heads round out after birth as well. I get that, but why in the world... what is their explanation as to why they continue, after years and years of research, to lay pregnant women flat on their backs during labor? The one position that cramps up the pelvic outlet, makes things smaller, and makes it hurt when the baby's head comes down? I have many theories.

In previous posts we've talked about how if they can get you to take an epidural they can get to your babies easier, and how it messes with the baby and mama's connection after birth. I shouldn't be surprised when I found out this extra nugget. It's right there in our faces and they get away with it!!

So, the hospitals plan of action is to put you in the most uncomfortable position there is, while you're in one of the most painful, vulnerable, powerful situations in your life. If they do this there is more of a chance for you to say yes to an epidural, because of the situation they put you in. (Isn't that what hospitals love to do in most areas? Put you in a situation and then be called heroes for "saving you") Once they get you to take the epidural it's all systems go for the mission of taking your baby as soon as they leave your protection. To suction them, weigh them, inject them etc. Hey, if they don't get you to take the epidural because you were strong enough to deal with what they put you through, they'll give you hell when you tell them what they can't do to your baby, and threaten to call cps and everything else they pull out of their arsenal. "Oh the baby could DIE if you don't do this." Lies. "We need you to sign this paper stating that you were told your baby could die and you still chose not to do it" Don't sign that paper, but if you do, say you did so under duress. Or better yet, don't go and subject yourself and your baby to this machine.

Sometimes it IS necessary to go to the hospital during labor. Through these posts our goal is to help you as much as possible to get yourself ready for birth, where you don't have to transfer. Sometimes we don't succeed. At Blessed Joy if you are in our care and you do end up transferred we will go with you and fight for you and advocate for you! You don't have to do it alone and there WILL be someone to stand in the gap for you. Sheila Brown has had lots of experience at hospitals (My dad may or may not joke about having set aside a "Bail Sheila out of jail fund", just in case) and has no problem telling them what's what. That being said you as our clients still have complete control and if you do decide to concede she will let you make any and all decisions.

For those of you that don't know much about midwifery or natural birth, you may ask "How else do you give birth if not on your back?". There are many different positions available to you. I also want you to remember that you, were born for this! Just like sex comes naturally, giving birth to your baby will come naturally. You will know what you need, how you desire to be positioned, what works for you. Lots of mamas absolutely adore giving birth in water, it naturally takes away half the pain felt during labor! You can break the mold, but that's a sad statement. There shouldn't even be a mold to be broken. During labor is one of the only times in your life where you get to completely and totally be like "look, I want what I want and it needs to be THIS way" and not feel like a terribly selfish person. Your labor revolves around YOU, you shouldn't be made to lie on your back, or forced to eat nothing but ice chips. Food helps replenish your strength.. no wonder they don't allow you to eat! The plot thickens.

Every time I do more research I get reinvigorated and angry at the machine that runs our hospitals, at how the enemy has totally taken over everything. He is so adamant about coming to steal, kill, and destroy, adamant about coming to steal your children. As parents we must be as adamant, no we have to be more adamant about protecting our children, and that starts in the womb.

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