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Just Poop!!!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

* Conversations at Blessed Joy Birthing Center *

I hear from the other room, "just poop!!"

Which inspired a blog post!

Ladies, what happens at the birth center during labor (or at home), stays at the birth center! This is the one day where you can be free to be totally uncaring about modesty or politeness (meaning, not pooping in front of someone, you should still be nice if at all possible) outside of the comfort of your own home! You can strip down to nothing if that's your jam, you can wave that naked booty in the air if that helps, and you can get on all fours with all your glory showing and no one will bat an eye! Other Mamas wear only bras or a tank top, it's truly about what makes you comfy. I have heat flashes now at almost 22 years old and sweat in 30 degree weather, it'll be interesting to see what happens when I'm in labor.

I was actually talking to someone about poop the other day, I can't remember who but she said "I'm not sure if I pooped during my labor or not" and I loved the next thing she said after I replied, "Oh. I'm sure you did, you can't push that hard and NOT poop!!" "Well" She continues, "If I did, I didn't know it." Boom. Right there. We have all these mama's wanting to be polite and hold in their poop, pausing the flow of labor. What they need to be told is that when you poop, not if, but when, the team you have, at least at Blessed Joy, will make sure that you're not even aware that you did. They're used to it, they expect it, and by golly, they were trained to fish that poop out of your birthing water! They carry fish nets for the exact purpose!

So, we have Mamas that want to birth their baby but they don't want to poop, unfortunately the two don't mix. Like we have talked about in other posts. Limp and loose during labor is the way to go! If you're tightening that booty trying not to poop, you're gonna pause labor as well.

*Pro Partner Tip* or *Doula Tip*

Get into the habit during labor, to ask the birthing Mama "How's your butt??" to remind them to not clench it. Our first reaction in lots of scenarios is to clench those booty cheeks, if we do that our cervix will be tight as well.

In conclusion, Mamas, please don't be nervous to poop during labor!! We have trained for this!!

Just. Poop!

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