Breast Feeding

    Learning to breastfeed is a natural process, like falling in love.  Success relies on large quantities of patience, practice, humor, and support- at first and sometimes throughout the process.  For most women, mastering the art of breastfeeding can be hard, really hard. Yes, some just click- babe has a fantastic latch, mom's milk comes in quickly and they both have the positioning/latch down.  For some, it can take days, even weeks for a mother and her baby to get the hang of breastfeeding. Good, knowledgeable, evidence based lactation support eases the rough spots, guiding you through tools and techniques that make it easier to keep going until breastfeeding becomes second nature. We think if we have breasts and a baby- it cannot be that hard, we can do this- and,  Yes you Can! The reality is most of us do it with help, guidance, information, and positive, evidence based support.

Cindee Phillips has been a nurse for over 35 years helping moms feed and care for their babies. She has been a Board Certified Lactation Consultant for over 10 years. Her passion has been supporting moms experience the breastfeeding journey they choose.  She has done inpatient, outpatient and home visits for her patients. She realizes each baby is unique and informs and teaches based on evidence-based practices. She has been married to her wonderful husband Tim for 36 years, has 3 greats Kids, and 4 adorable grandchildren with another one coming! She loves to camp with her family, and can’t get enough of her grandchildren! “I love being able to help mom’s in their breastfeeding journey. They may be in tears when we start, but they are smiling when we finish.”

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