You are choosing a peaceful atmosphere, free of beeping monitors, harsh lighting and uncomfortable hospital beds. You are choosing a place that is welcoming with hour long appointments with you as you are growing your baby, truly connecting and taking the time to get to know you personally. You’re choosing the ability, to choose. In every situation YOU are in the drivers seat. We discuss in detail any and every situation as it comes up and give you the opportunity to choose what is best for you and your baby. 


We utilize supplements, offer a giant tub to birth in, different positions and counter pressure, and love and support. You are choosing a place that knows how to help you not only in the physical, but in the spiritual, emotional, and mental as well. As birth is a mixture of all of these things, we feel at Blessed Joy Midwifery that you deserve well rounded care that does not start and end with what’s going on in your body, but also with what goes on in your mind and in your heart.  With the times we are in in this world we believe this is when we need our families the most, therefore we do not limit the amount of people that are allowed to be with you as you come to your appointments, or for your birth. We also feel that everyone should be fully educated to the extent that they desire so we provide education on newborn procedures and testing, childbirth education, as well as breastfeeding classes and consultations with Kristine Keller IBCLC. 


At Blessed Joy Midwifery you are choosing to not be fearful of past birthing experiences, we believe in vbac births and love to empower women to consider them! We have two birthing suites available for birth at our birthing center, both with beautiful tubs for water births! If you prefer a home birth, we have inflatable tubs at your disposal that we will bring to your house in advance for your lovely husband to set up. Speaking of husbands, we want your husband to be as involved in your birthing experience as you want him to be! He is more than welcome to catch your baby, and we offer delayed chord clamping after the baby is born. We call this the golden hour and if all goes well we give you and your husband time to be together and do whatever comes naturally in the first few moments after your precious baby has been born. 


All in all, Blessed Joy Midwifery is a place that allows you to go at your own pace during your labor, and a place that truly has a desire to get to know you! After our clients finish their last six week postpartum visit, we talk about planning a “just because visit’! Here at Blessed Joy relationships are for a lifetime! 


We offer:

Informed joint decision making

Delayed cord clamping

Education on newborn procedures and testing

Partner involved and even catching baby 

Family and support people able to attend your birth 

Breastfeeding IBCLC and support

VBAC birth

Water birth 

Home and birth center birth

Childbirth education

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