Have you been considering a Midwife for home birth or birth center but have questions? Are you looking to have a VBAC birth and wonder if you are a good candidate?  Does your support team have doubts or concerns that need to be listened to and supported?  Were you considered high risk in your last pregnancy and you would like to talk about your options for this baby? Would you like to be in control of the decision making and plan for your birth? Are you looking for appointments that last 30 minutes to an hour and do not feel rushed?  Are you looking for informed consent and education? Would you like to have your family involved and present during the birth? Are you looking for breastfeeding and postpartum support?

f you answered yes to these questions you have come to the right place!

We offer:

Informed joint decision making

Delayed cord clamping

Education on newborn procedures and testing

Partner involved and even catching baby 

Family and support people able to attend your birth 

Breastfeeding IBCLC and support

VBAC birth

Water birth 

Home and birth center birth

Childbirth education 

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