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Sheila Brown is Midwife and owner of Blessed Joy Midwifery. A mother to 2 girls and wife of currently 29 years. Sheila has been a licensed Midwife since 2017, and served women and families as a student for 4 years in training prior to licensure. Sheila strives to serve women in mind, body, spirit and soul, addressing all needs in a well rounded method of personal care and attention.  At Blessed Joy we enjoy working together as a team that includes Sheila's daughter Ashlynn Mulligan as office administrator and doula, as well as 2 current students, Holly Clayburn and Josalynn Hobbs.  It is our goal to offer individual care, taking time to nurture a bond with you and your family.  We value your decision in choosing us for your care and birth! 

Midwifery care goes well beyond traditional obstetrics. Women who choose a midwife will have their own personal guide throughout their pregnancy, and during the labor and delivery. Midwifery care offers a personalized, relationship-based approach to welcoming a new child into the world. It also distinguishes itself in that a midwife emphasizes the importance of post-partum care, and looking after the mother’s emotional and spiritual well-being. It is my desire to equip you for the labor and birth of your baby, for you to feel powerful, knowledgeable, and capable to experience all that your birth with be!

A Midwife is a  steadfast presence with you through the labor and birth, and helps to establish breastfeeding. Taking you through the education process of available testing, procedures, and newborn care.  In depth visits where we talk about your previous history, experiences,  traumas, fears, worries and concerns.  

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) undergoes extensive academic and clinical training and testing before earning the CPM credential. As a CPM I provide a holistic approach to prenatal care addressing nutrition, exercise and psychological concerns ensuring you are prepared for the intense and empowering process of labor and birth.  Learning is an on going process and I enjoy attending Continuing Education classes and fellowship with other Midwives, gaining from their wisdom. 


Office Assistant/Doula
Ashlynn Mulligan
Phone: 682-209-4404