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About Us

Midwifery care goes well beyond traditional obstetrics. Women who choose a midwife will have their own personal guide throughout their pregnancy, and during the labor and delivery. Midwifery care offers a personalized, relationship-based approach to welcoming a new child into the world.


It also distinguishes itself in that a midwife emphasizes the importance of post-partum care, and looking after the mother’s emotional and spiritual well-being. It is my desire to equip you for the labor and birth of your baby, for you to feel powerful, knowledgeable, and capable to experience all that your birth with be!

A Midwife is a  steadfast presence with you through the labor and birth, and helps to establish breastfeeding. Taking you through the education process of available testing, procedures, and newborn care.  In depth visits where we talk about your previous history, experiences,  traumas, fears, worries and concerns.  

A Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) undergoes extensive academic and clinical training and testing before earning the CPM credential. As a CPM I provide a holistic approach to prenatal care addressing nutrition, exercise and psychological concerns ensuring you are prepared for the intense and empowering process of labor and birth. 


Learning is an on going process and I enjoy attending Continuing Education classes and fellowship with other Midwives, gaining from their wisdom. 


Meet The Team

Image of Sheila Brown Licensed Midwife, LM, CPM, Founder and Owner of Blessed Joy Birth Center

Sheila Brown

Midwife LM CPM


Sheila has been married for 29 years and has 2 daughters and one son in law. (Hopefully there will be grand babies soon!)  She has always been a birth junkie, enjoying all things related to birth.  Her first encounter with supporting someone in labor came when she was blessed to be the doula for a friend that desired hospital birth but with no pain medication.  From the moment of seeing that child born, she was fascinated and wanted to learn more.  She began as a doula but quickly transitioned into student midwife training. She trained under 3 different Midwives and developed her own personal style of care.  She cultivates a supportive community at the Birth Center, where families gather for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. Sheila believes in informed consent for your care, and involves you in all of the decision making for your pregnancy and birth.  She believes that care should include attention to mind, body, spirit and soul.  Truly listening and being attentive to the needs of her clients is a hallmark of her care for each family she serves.

Image of Holly Clayburn, Staff Midwife, LM, CPM for Blessed Joy Birth Center

Holly Clayburn

Staff Midwife LM CPM


I’m a Jesus loving, coffee addicted, wife to my best friend, mom of 4 sweet kiddos, a wanna be herd dog, and 1 cranky pig. When I’m not working you can find me baking, watching FRIENDS, listening to true crime podcasts, and dreaming of having my own personal zoo. I got started in women’s health back in 2013 as an obstetrics medical assistant, became a doula and placenta specialist in 2016, then finally transitioned to midwifery in 2020, earning my CPM in 2022. As a previous teen mom I find that what I love most about midwifery care is giving true informed consent and seeing/treating our clients like the individual they are. I love that we give women options and space to use their voice to advocate for the care that they deserve and desire. I am especially passionate and excited about serving and learning all that I can for twins, VBAC and breech births. I completed my apprenticeship at Blessed Joy and am excited to continue to serve our wonderful community as a staff midwife.

Image of Ashlynn Brown, Office Manager of Blessed Joy Birth Center

Ashlynn Brown

Office Manager

My name is Ashlynn and I'm the Office Manager here at Blessed Joy. I'm Sheila's daughter and most likely the first person you'll talk to. I'm very passionate about all things natural birth and the level of care Midwifery provides- emotionally, physically and spiritually and empowering women in their pregnancy journies! I love to hear about your past birth stories and telling you what you can expect if you chose Blessed Joy to be apart of your current birth story! 

Contact: Office Manager
Ashlynn Brown
Phone: 682-209-4404

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