I'm happy to be pregnant, but....

Suddenly you are going to be a Mom! You are pregnant! The moment you have dreamed and thought about perhaps since you were a child. It is finally here! Maybe you have a vast array of emotions. Maybe some of them are even scary and taking you by surprise. You thought you were ready. Or maybe you had no plan for this moment at all. It is normal for you to have racing thoughts and emotions. Whatever normal is, anyway. Are you going to be the same person if you stay home instead of working the job that has defined you? How will you handle being home? Nursing a baby? Sleep deprivation? Being solely responsible for a little human? What if you get really angry, lose patience? Women are so vastly different and have many different backgrounds, ways of coping, and support systems. I am here to offer a safe place to process those thoughts and feelings that may be taking you by surprise. Here are some suggestions for you.

Eat well! Nourish your mind and body!

Start a journal of your pregnancy and log your feelings and thoughts.

Give yourself permission to express those thoughts and feelings. Be fully expressive.

Have a trusted person you can confide in that will listen and support you, building you up.

Know that anything that does not feel in place and prepared now, most likely has resources and hope.

You are not a terrible woman for your feelings, and it does NOT mean you won't be an amazing Mom!

Hire a trusted birth team that will stand with you and support mind, body, and spirit.

This is an amazing transition and you can find balance and joy!


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