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Feeding on demand, or keeping a routine?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

On-demand feeding is absolutely the best way to feed your baby in the early days, weeks, and months.  As time goes on, your baby is likely to start to shape his/her own behavior into a somewhat more-predictable schedule, but trying to make/force/help them to do that before he/she is ready only makes for a stressed out mama and a cranky baby.  

Feeding your baby “on-demand” simply means not worrying about the clock.  You feed your baby whenever he/she shows you that he/she is hungry.  Common ways your baby will show you this include licking his/her lips, sticking out his/her tongue, rooting around, sucking on his/her hands, etc.

Picture of baby and mom smiling and feeding your baby
Feeding Your Baby


Feeding on demand means feeding your baby whenever she signals that she’s hungry, rather than according to a set schedule. This is what doctors recommend for young babies. Remember that your newborn has a tiny stomach, so it fills up quickly. The other thing to know is that breastmilk is digested and absorbed easily and quickly. Also, bear in mind that your baby is growing faster than she will at any time in her life. It’s no wonder that she needs to eat so often.

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