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Blessed joy Doula

Customizable Doula Packages with Blessed joy's in house Doula, Ashlynn Mulligan.

Beach Deck

During Pregnancy Package - $500

  • 4 visits to teach pregnant Mama breathing techniques, labor positions, ways to use a birth ball, how to use a rebozo, as well as showing Mama ways to relax different parts of the body that our usual reaction is to tighten.

  • In the same 4 visits the partner will learn how to support her during the most vulnerable yet powerful moment in her life. He will learn how to apply multiple versions of counter pressure, how to massage her effectively, understand the different stages of labor, and how to be P.R.E.S.E.N.T during labor. Alongside her he will learn everything that she learns.

  • Communication with me to answer any and all questions that I can accurately answer with my knowledge as a Doula.

  • You will also have access to printouts and all information that I have learned in my training as a Doula.

Blue Sky
Pregnant Woman by Birch

Postpartum Package - $500

  • 12 Hours of Postpartum visits, split into 2 or 3 hour visits, whenever you need or want them.


Included in these visits are whatever you need that day or week, it could mean me holding the baby while you take a shower, or if you need me to babysit the older kids, run an errand for you, make a meal or do light household chores for you. If you want a post-birth massage I can do that for you. We may talk through how your birth went and any and all emotions that you may feel, or not feel. Whatever it is that you are in need of, if I can help you, I will!


All of my packages are mix and match, call me to talk about creating the perfect package for you!



                        Project Options

  • Labor Dream Board

  • Birth Affirmation Cards to hang or place in birth space

  • No Sew Baby Blanket

  • Personalized Pregnancy Journal

  • Personalized Baby Mobile

  • Personalized Scrapbook

  • Pregnancy Prayer Cards

  • Baby Tutu

  • "Happy Birth Essentials Bag"

  • Hanging Wall Decor 

  • I’m also open to other ideas!


You should be aware that I am deathly allergic to peanuts and peanut butter, as my client I would have to ask that you refrain from eating either of these. I would also have to ask that you tell any and all family members or friends that will be in attendance at your birth, as just the smell causes my throat to swell and if I someone touches me after eating it I will react as well.

Pregnancy Dress
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